Branded Werkzeug Are A Better Buy

The role that professional werkzeug play in households and commercial sites is not to be taken lightly, literally. Equipments such as the vacuum cleaner, industrial cleaner, lawn mower and the likes have come as a blessing for many by reducing the amount of manual labor that was once required to be put in. Werkzeug may range from the smallest like screwdrivers and wrenches to larger ones like movers.


Bosch, DeWalt and Makita are some of the major companies that have a stronghold in the market and are responsible for some of the largest supplies of the world over.


One of the world’s leading suppliers of technology and services, Bosch, was first established in 1886 by Robert Bosch. The headquarters of the technology-based corporation is in Stuttgart, Germany, while having regional companies in over 60 countries. One of the primary business forms of the reputed company is dealing with automotive technology. Apart from the technology aspect, it also deals in the production of appliances like vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers and drillers. Bosch products are not very difficult to find in Germany with its availability in many places like Berlin, Bremen, Traunreut, Leipzig, Homburg and Hamburg.


Another renowned company is DeWalt. This brand is known for manufacturing power and construction equipment including cordless drills, woodworking and professional power werkzeug for the global market. Founded in 1936, it is a subsidiary of werkzeug and hardware manufacturer, Stanley Black & Decker. Stores and offices of this brand can be found in most major countries around the world. Dealership spans from Western Europe to Asia. The best way to find dealers in your country would be by referring to its official website.


Power equipment company Makita, which is based in Anjo, Japan and was founded in 1915, also manufactures professional and consumer power machinery. For those looking for dealers in Germany, the best places to visit would be Ritus werkzeug which is based in Remscheid, Aveo in Frankfurt and at Makita Platz 1, 40885 Ratingen. Makita offers its clients a one-year warranty on all its products and it also has a 30-day fulfillment assurance wherein a product can be exchanged within 30 days if the customer is unsatisfied with it.


When one is looking to buy professional werkzeug, it’s always a better choice to visit big brand stores such as the ones mentioned so that customer satisfaction is ensured.

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